Love Light + Melody – Love Light + Melody serves vulnerable children by amplifying their stories, inspiring hope for them through music, art and sports, and transforming their lives through education.

The smile that
inspired it all

Ileana’s Smile is the true story of a young girl whose lightning smile, bold courage, and beautiful heart changed our lives forever.

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Our story

We believe every child deserves a chance to learn, grow, and write their own story. And we’re dedicated to amplifying the stories of vulnerable children around the world, and bringing them hope through the power of education. Join us on our mission to create a world where every child has the opportunity to flourish.

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Our Impact

Lifting up vulnerable children

Vulnerable children are those who do not have
certain basic rights and needs fulfilled.

Material Needs

Food, clean water,
clothing, shelter

Emotional Needs

Care, love, support, and a safe
space to express themselves

Social Needs

Community, play, role models, and
counseling in difficult situations

Bringing them hope
through the power
of education

If all students in low-income countries had just basic reading skills, an estimated 171 million people could escape extreme poverty (UNESCO, 2017). But to us, education is broader than traditional schooling.

It includes giving children an opportunity to express themselves, whether through art, music, or sports. It’s about empowering them with the hope, confidence, and skills they need to create a brighter path forward.

Every dollar counts

There’s so much work to be done, and it’s only
possible through the generous support of our
donors, both large and small. No gift is too small.
Any amount can change a life.

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Access to education and the power of
community changed their lives.

Aracelly’s Story

Aracelly is thirteen years old. She lives in a trash dump resettlement community with her five siblings, her mother, and stepfather, who is a trash recycler. When she started first grade at Ileana’s School of Hope, Aracelly didn’t know how to read or write, but now she enjoys going to class on a daily basis and even helps her younger classmates.

Katia’s Story

Katia Mitchel is thirteen years old, and was one of our scholarship recipients. Katia lives with her mother and stepfather, but the school is a refuge for her. As an only child, she’s very responsible, shows interest in her classes, and loves to socialize with her classmates and teaches. Katia has a motor disability on the left side of her body, but maintains her positive spirit and smile on a daily basis.

Nelson’s Story

Nelson is eight years old, and is in first grade at Ileana’s School of Hope. Nelson was rejected from other schools due to his cerebral palsy, but his mother accompanies him to class three times a week and, along with Nelson’s teachers, are helping him to be as independent as possible. Nelson is nice to everybody he meets and loves spending time with his classmates.


Building on Success – Creating hope through new structures

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From Founder Brad Corrigan –
Reflections from Nicaragua

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The Girl Whose Smile Is
Changing The World

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Finding Love Light +
Melody in Nicaragua

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Brad Corrigan
Doesn’t Miss A Beat

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Denver’s Love Light
+ Melody Aims To…

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A word from our founder

When we first started Love Light + Melody, we had no idea it would become what it is today. It was born out of a desperate prayer, a desire to do something—anything—to help a few kids who lived inside a trash dump in Nicaragua. I wanted them to laugh, smile, and know that they’re cherished. See a path forward. Dream, imagine, reach… and know that they deserve much more.

15 years later, that same desire beats even louder in my heart today. We’ve grown and partnered with so many people who have helped raise funds and awareness for these kids and their families. We’ve built and opened Ileana’s School of Hope, we’ve started a weaving cooperative that’s providing steady jobs, we’ve created a documentary to tell our story and get the word out…and this is still just the beginning.

Our small organization and your massive hearts are making a difference. We’re not just changing things for a moment but transforming the way these kids see themselves and the path in front of them—one where they can dream and aspire to be anything!

This is the power of love,
the brightness of light, and the unifying sweetness of melody.

My hope and dream is that we would continue expanding and growing to serve as many vulnerable kids as possible, in Nicaragua and around the world. So that every one of them will know what it is to be loved and to truly thrive.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all you do to bring Love Light + Melody to life. For bringing hope, beauty, joy, sports, education, and so much more to the lives of these kids. The world is brighter—because of you and them—and I’m so glad you’re part of this story!

We are stronger together.

Brad Corrigan

Be the light in a dark place

Every dollar makes a difference.


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