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Ileana's smile film

Ileana, a little girl with a big heart and lightning smile, grew up in a trash dump community in Managua, Nicaragua. As a child she was prostituted to make money for her family. Tragically, she contracted HIV and passed away in 2011. Inspired by Ileana’s courage and smile, Love Light + Melody and Founder/Musician, Brad Corrigan (member of Dispatch), are producing a documentary film and soundtrack in honor of Ileana’s short, beautiful and bold life to raise funding and awareness for a school in her honor in Nicaragua.

“There’s my life up until 2006, and then I met Ileana,” said Corrigan. “That little girl became like family to me and wrecked me so beautifully... and I’ll never forget the courage and strength in her smile. It’s now my honor to speak and sing to her life so that other kids like her can be protected and live.”

Ileana’s Smile will address and shine a light on child vulnerability, as well as raise funds to build and operate an elementary school in Ileana’s honor - “Ileana’s School of Hope.” The school is being built in the neighborhood where she lived, a trash dump resettlement community where she worked and would have attended school.  Additional funds will be gifted to other leading organizations fighting for the protection of vulnerable kids worldwide.


Ileana's Smile soundtrack

Brad Corrigan is a musician, member of the indie band Dispatch, producer, and composer of original music for film. He will be collaborating with artist friends from a variety of genres to create a stand-alone body of original music inspired by Ileana's Smile. Brad has been inspired by the likes of Gustavo Santaolalla and Mark Mothersbaugh and can't wait to create a soundtrack and score that is as wild and unpredictable, soft and sweet as Ileana’s story.



The Ileana’s Smile soundtrack currently includes the following artists: 

Stefan Lessard (Dave Matthews Band)
Jon Foreman (Switchfoot)
Brad Corrigan (Dispatch)

Jake Shimabukuro
Gracie Schram

And the following artists have signed on as potential contributors as the soundtrack continues to grow!

Adam Young (Owl City)
Rodrigo y Gabriela
African Children's Choir
Foy Vance
Jake Clemons (E Street Band)
Tyrone Wells
Phil Keaggy
Marc Scibilia
Dominic Balli
Steffany Gretzinger
Eric HarlanD
Kat McDowell
Stephen Kellogg
David Lunsford