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Jordan Ham is from Englewood, Colorado and has been living and teaching music in Nicaragua since 2016. Jordan felt stirred to teach music in Nicaragua’s capital city of Managua after being part of Love Light + Melody’s 2016 Day of Light event.  Affectionately known as “Professor JAMon” to his students, Jordan also helps supervise LL+M’s scholarship students and facilitate LL+M's new Hope Bracelet weaving project.


Love Light + Melody's music program offers music education in two schools. The first, Light House Christian Academy, accepts many students on sponsorship from the La Chureca trash dump resettlement community. The second, Club Esperanza is located in the heart of the resettlement community, which is called Villa Guadalupe.


Jordan’s dream of seeing his students perform inspired him to found the Love Light + Melody Youth Orchestra, which has since performed in the 2017 and 2018 Day of Light celebrations, as well as making regular performances at one of Nicaragua’s top resorts, Gran Pacifica. And excitingly in 2018, Jordan and 7 of his students were also featured on Nicaraguan national television performing one of their theme songs, “Todo es Posible”.

Jordan uses his love and passion for music to inspire the Nicaraguan youth that it’s not only possible to play an instrument, but also achieve the dreams planted and rooted in their hearts. Jordan uses his time both in and out of the classroom as well to encourage and support his students to have fun, work hard, and succeed.


Jordan’s ultimate desire is to see his young music students mature grow and flourish, eventually becoming music teachers themselves. He’s committed to his students’ future and to seeing them graduate. He believes some day the Love Light + Melody music program will become a pillar in the development of Ileana’s School of Hope.


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