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Building on Success

Partnership in Action

Ileana’s School of Hope celebrated its first 6th grade graduation in December 2022, marking a fully enrolled primary school! For four long years, Love Light + Melody has been working to secure additional land title, extending bounds of the school campus. Now it’s time to build the campus we’ve been dreaming of!


A nonprofit, volunteer-based organization, Engineering Ministries International began in 1982 and became a worldwide effort to develop people, design structures, and construct facilities that serve communities — facilities like hospitals, schools, water systems, and more. Our conversations with eMi Central America started in 2022, and a team of architects, engineers, surveyors, and construction managers spent ten days on site with us in April 2023.

“We are incredibly grateful for our partnership with eMi and the individuals who volunteered to come to Nicaragua and create the concrete pieces of this vision,” said Executive Director Margaret Lebeck. “As we close out the detailed design process, construction is on the horizon!”

As we close out the detailed
design process, construction
is on the horizon!


The eMi team continues to build out the detailed design for the new school buildings, through conversations with Love Light + Melody, administrators and teachers. Stay tuned as construction gets underway later this year!

Ileana’s School of Hope serves 177 students and includes tutoring for scholarship students each afternoon. It has become a community hub and gathering space for families across the La Chureca resettlement community.

We can’t wait to see what new education opportunities will emerge to support vulnerable children in these spaces!

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