Our Impact – Love Light + Melody

Our impact

Using the power of education to make
a difference in the lives of vulnerable
children around the world.

How we make a difference

Inside-out storytelling

We show up, listen, and ask to be invited into a community, and then use creative storytelling to raise awareness and funds for vulnerable children.

The Power of Partnership

We identify and partner with local organizations who can build infrastructure, train up local leadership, and manage programs on the ground in these communities.

Day of Light

We hold festivals in vulnerable communities for the sake of joy, unity, and hope.

Project Overview


Our work in Nicaragua began in 2007, after we met a community of children and their families living in the La Chureca trash dump. Since then, our efforts have been focused on changing the trajectory of these kids’ lives through the power of education.

What we’ve already done

Founded Ileana’s School of Hope and the Love Light + Melody scholarship program

Since 2008, Love Light + Melody has helped fund educational programs for kids in the La Chureca community. We founded Ileana’s School of Hope in 2018, where each student is given the opportunity and guidance to further their education and improve their lives and the lives of their families.

We also established a high school and university scholarship program in 2012 for students who expressed a strong desire to continue their education, yet lacked the financial means to do so. Since then, we have granted scholarships to 375 students, many of whom are the first in their families to graduate high school, or university.

What we’re planning to do

Ileana’s School of Hope expansion plan

Two mixed-use community
buildings for vocational
trainings and gatherings

Six additional classrooms to
serve all of the primary grades

Art Center including music
and art studios, a library, and
a computer lab

Covered sports
complex and field

Additional playground
for the preschool and
kindergarten students

Community triage
space for emergency
medical needs

What we’ve achieved

As of February 2022


Total students
served since 2007


Total students currently enrolled in Ileana’s School of Hope



Tracking our progress

Progress Line

October 2005

Brad Corrigan’s first
trip to Nicaragua

May 2006

Brad + Ileana meet

Spring 2007

Love Light +
Melody founded

Summer 2007

Inaugural Day of
Light festival held

February 2011

Ileana’s passing

Spring 2012

Scholarship program

Spring 2014

Kickstarter campaign
for Ileana’s Smile

Winter 2015

Land for Ileana’s
School of Hope

Spring 2017

School music
program created

February 2022

Ileana’s School of
Hope at full


Ileana’s Smile
film release


New construction
and school build

Access to education and the power of
community changed their lives.

Aracelly’s Story

Aracelly Alejandra Medal is thirteen years old. She lives in a trash dump resettlement community with her five siblings, her mother, and stepfather, who is a trash recycler. When she started first grade at Ileana’s School of Hope, Aracelly didn’t know how to read or write, but now she enjoys going to class on a daily basis and even helps her younger classmates.

Katia’s Story

Katia Mitchel Rodriguez Mairena is thirteen years old, and was one of our scholarship recipients. Katia lives with her mother and stepfather, but the school is a refuge for her. As an only child, she’s very responsible, shows interest in her classes, and loves to socialize with her classmates and teachers. Katia has a motor disability on the left side of her body, but maintains her positive spirit and smile on a daily basis.

Nelson’s Story

Nelson Antonio Paiz Araica is eight years old, and is in first grade at Ileana’s School of Hope. Nelson was rejected from other schools due to his cerebral palsy, but his mother accompanies him to class three times a week and, along with Nelson’s teachers, are helping him to be as independent as possible. Nelson is nice to everybody he meets and loves spending time with his classmates.

Our partnerships

Be the light in a dark place

Every dollar makes a difference.


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