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Our story

The inspiration behind why we exist
and how we set out to make a change.

How it all started

In 2007, founder Brad Corrigan took a life-changing trip to the La Chureca trash dump in Nicaragua, during which he witnessed countless children and families living in unimaginable and toxic conditions. But he also encountered hope and positivity when he met a young girl named Ileana, who, in spite of her circumstances, radiated warmth, compassion and laughter.

After years of making trips back to La Chureca, Brad started Love Light + Melody to be a force for good — to offer an opportunity for these children to grow and thrive through education, music, art, and sports. Over the years, the organization has built a vast global community of supporters and partners who are helping to fund our work in Nicaragua, and beyond.

Ileana’s Smile is a documentary film honoring the young girl whose lightning smile, bold courage, and beautiful heart changed our lives forever. The film is intended to increase awareness of child vulnerability, unify people around her story, and to raise funds for Ileana’s School of Hope. Our hope is that every child is able to flourish and create their own story. Join us as we fight to bring hope to those who need it most.

Watch Ileana’s Smile Trailer to learn more about our story

Our Belief

Every child deserves a chance to learn,
grow, and write their own story.

Our Purpose

To amplify the stories of vulnerable children and
create hope through the power of education.

Our Vision

A world where every child has the
opportunity to dream and flourish.

Our Values


While we will never fully know the struggles of those less fortunate, we make an effort to educate ourselves through compassion, listening, and understanding.


We celebrate the power of creativity to nurture, heal, inspire, and bring people from different backgrounds together.


We welcome supporters of all colors, creeds, and means, and recognize that the sum of our individual perspectives and contributions make us stronger.


We are steadfast in our hope for a brighter future, and committed to being a part of building it, even when the road is long and paved with obstacles.

Meet Our Team

Be the light in a dark place

Every dollar makes a difference.


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